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What Are You Speaking? | Episode 8

Finding Your Focus Podcast | The Importance of Speaking in your Business
What are you speaking over your business? The words I say about my business (and my life!) are one of the most important strategies I have. In this episode of the Finding Your Focus Podcast, I share the importance of what you speak and the power of your words.

What’s really interesting to me is that you see this principle now being taught in so many secular business arenas-this whole idea of the significant difference that positive affirmations create in your ability to be successful, and the neuro-scientific facts that actually support this.

But I’ll have you know, Tony Robbins didn’t come up with the strategy to speak positively over your life and over your endeavors. Nor is any other well known business success speaker, or dream coach, or whatever influential leaders call themselves these days.

Did you know that the power of what you speak is actually an instruction given straight from the Bible?

Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue can bring death or life

So, your words are either bringing life- or they are bringing death. What you speak matters!

Your words are either building up, or tearing down. They are either building your faith, or bringing discouragement.

I also talk about faith in this episode, and I get more personal here than I have in any other episode so far.

My faith is a part of my business, because I am a part of my business! Keeping faith out of your business, would be like having the key to a locked door that you want to walk through, but insisting on not using it. Faith is the greatest tool that I have, and I don’t compartmentalize my faith life over here- with my day to day business over there.

God wants me to be successful, and one of the instructions He gives us in His word to do so, is to be mindful of what you speak.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you to see the power of your words in a whole new light!

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