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Tips for Building Your Own Website | Episode 7

007 Tips for Building Your Own Website

In today’s episode of The Finding Your Focus Podcast I share tips for building your own website! If you have a dream, then most likely, you will need a website to help you share it with the world.

I am not a professional website designer- and there are many incredibly talented graphic designers who can build the dreamiest brands and websites out there. But I honestly just don’t think that everyone is in the place of business where they are ready to invest in a custom designed website from a professional.

If you are just starting out, than you know that every single dollar and where you choose to spend it- really does matter. You might not be in the place where you can- or want- to commit to a 5 or 10 thousand dollar website.

And it’s also not just about the money you will spend. It’s also about the brand that you are asking someone to build.
Because you may not know the brand you even want yet.

In this episode, I will leave you with a few simplified steps that will help you to feel less intimidated by the whole “I need a website and I don’t know where to start” feeling!

I share my experience in building different websites using the platform of Showit- and the reasons why I love it more than Squarespace. If you are trying to figure out which website platform is the best for you- or even trying to decide if you have what it takes to do this whole website thing yourself- than this episode is for you!

Building your website is not like it used to be, and it doesn’t need to be intimidating. There is a freedom and control when you learn how to build and update your own website to move your dream business forward! Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back. It’s time to enroll in Google University my friend- you can do this!

Links shared in this episode:

Tiffany Farley 
The Fount Collective

Looking for Website Templates? Check these out:

The Palm Shop: Showit and WordPress Templates by Davey and Krista Jones
With Grace and Gold: Showit Templates
Tonic Site Shop: Showit Templates
Go Live HQ: Showit and Squarespace Templates

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