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Launching a Passion Project with Laura Murray of Spark and Bound | Episode 3

Interview with Laura Murray, founder of Spark and Bound on the Finding Your Focus Podcast with Tiffany Farley

In this episode of the finding your focus podcast, I welcome Laura Murray. Laura is a fine art film photographer who recently launched a brand new creative goal planner called Spark and Bound. She is a Mom of three under three, and uses focus and intention to launch projects that she is passionate about.

In this episode, you will find inspiration and motivation for launching a new passion project of your own, hear how others are finding balance as a business owning Mom, and learn more about the behind the scenes creation of this beautiful goal achievement tool. If you’re a creative and have never found a goal planner that was quite inspiring enough- I think you really love these!

We are GIVING AWAY one Spark and Bound Planner on Instagram!

Spark and Bound Quarterly Goal Planner for Creatives

We have also provided an free episode gift that will walk you through how to create your own personal manifesto- click HERE to get yours!

Links we mentioned in this episode:
Showit Websites
Spark and Bound
Laura Murray Photography
Follow Laura on Instagram @lauramurray

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