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How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest | Episode 5

Finding Your Focus Podcast- Grow on Pinterest

In this episode of Finding Your Focus I am talking all about how to grow your business and brand using Pinterest! If you think Pinterest is just a website to collect recipes and find DIY craft tutorials- think again! Did you know that Pinterest has 250 million ACTIVE users and averages 2 Billion searches a month? People are using Pinterest to search for specific answers every single day- so are you showing up as their solution?

I’ll be honest, in the last couple years I have put so much more thought into Facebook and Instagram to market my photography business– but I recently discovered that Pinterest was driving 70% of all my social traffic to my website. I have been learning more about using Pinterest in my online marketing strategies for a little over a year now- but it wasn’t until I signed up for Tailwind that I began to see immediate and mind blowing results. (80 thousand new account views in less than 2 weeks!)

If your first thought when you starting reading this post or listening to this podcast episode was “I just don’t have time to show up consistently on another platform!”- you my friend, are not alone. That was my exact feeling too- but Tailwind changed the game for me. I can’t believe I didn’t sign up for it sooner. What a game changer!

In this episode I share with you 7 steps to growing your brand & business using Pinterest- and I have also created a FREE resource for you! If you are serious about seeing more website traffic this year by using Pinterest then you are going to want to download this free guide. Honestly I started creating this guide thinking that I would just create a small and simple checklist- but 20 pages of jam packed content later- I guess I had A LOT of tips and strategies to share with you! This guide (and the podcast episode) will help reduce the overwhelm when it comes to being an active brand on Pinterest and it will give you the step by step instructions of how to get started. I share about having a business account, what rich pins do for you, verifying your domain, keywords, board descriptions, your growth objectives, understanding your analytics, and more! I share it all!

Links shared in this episode:

Tailwind for automating and scheduling your pins on Pinterest
Convertkit for targeted email marketing and free opt-in delivery

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Free Pinterest Growth Guide by Tiffany Farley

I have a FREE Guide for you! This FREE PINTEREST guide is jam packed with the step by step tips on how to start growing your business and brand using Pinterest!! Simply fill out your email below and it will be sent over in flash.


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