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Knowing Your Worth & Developing Confidence in Your Pricing with Guest Shaunae Teske | Episode 12

Confidence in your Pricing as a Creative Business owner with Shaunae Teske on the Finding Your Focus Podcast


One of the most common insecurities when it comes to owning your own creative business is knowing your numbers and being confident in your pricing! In this episode of the Finding Your Focus Podcast, I welcome Shaunae Teske to the show.

Shaunae is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer and small business coach. She first launched her photography business in 2011 at only 20 years old! She quickly grew it to a sustainable, six-figure business within just three years. After eight years as a wedding photographer, she has launched into her new passion – empowering women in business and helping them cultivate intentional lives. She also co-hosts The Creative Legacy Podcast!

In this episode, Shaunae shares how developing confidence in her pricing and knowing her numbers have attributed to how she has maintained a successful creative business. She believes that creative business owners need to remember that they are worth charging what they need to charge to be a business and not a hobby, and that pricing is unique for everyone.

Shaunae Teske
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