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Flodesk Tutorial: How To Create A Pop Up Form For Your Email List


Flodesk has completely changed the game when it comes to email marketing. In fact, I recorded an entire episode all about it right HERE.

One of the first steps I had to take when I decided to switch from Convertkit to Flodesk for my email marketing, is I needed to re-create my opt-in forms and makes sure that all the opt-in forms I have on my websites are not Flodesk forms.

Flodesk Help Tutorials

Creating a sign-up form for your email list using Flodesk is SO much easier than Convertkit- particularly when it comes to the look and design. As a Showit website user, in the past with Convertkit I had to add styling code to each canvas that had my sign up form- just to have the right colors and fonts. But not anymore, because Flodesk makes branded sign up forms for your email list so much easier.

This tutorial above will walk you through how to create a pop-up form on your website for your email list using Flodesk. Have you ever browsed around a website and a few seconds later there was a pop-up asking for your email? Maybe the pop-up was offering you a free resource- like a checklist, a guide, or audio teaching and perhaps you thought to yourself, how in the world do they do that? This YouTube video will show you how I created the pop-up I use on this website in just minutes.

If you are interested in reading more about why I am loving Flodesk and the reasons I decided to leave Convertkit, you can read this post here.

You can save 50% on Flodesk by using the coupon “TIFFANY” at check out, or by clicking this link HERE!

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