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“Don’t Build an Idea, Solve a Problem” with Martha and Rebecca of Flodesk | Episode 17

Flodesk for Email Marketing
Welcome back to another episode of The Finding Your Focus podcast- oh my GOODNESS do I have a conversation waiting here for you! In recent episodes, I have been sharing more about email marketing and how strategic it can be to grow your brand and business.

I’ve also recently shared (which you can find in episode 15) WHY I decided to switch from Convertkit to a brand new email marketing platform called Flodesk– and how I truly believe that Flodesk has seriously changed the game when it comes to using email in your business to create a strong brand connection that can directly affect your bottom line.

It’s not only the most user-friendly platform I have ever used for email marketing, with BEAUTIFUL design options unlike anything I’ve ever seen- but their price is unmatched. And they have been so gracious to give me a gift to share with you, if you use the coupon “TIFFANY” when you sign up, you will save 50% on Flodesk.

Which, brings me to, the incredible women that I have here on the podcast for you today. Martha and Rebecca are the founders of Flodesk, an email marketing software designed with entrepreneurs in mind so you can easily send gorgeous, professionally designed campaigns that convert. After 10+ years of experience building businesses and working with small business owners, they got frustrated that everything in software had evolved—except for email marketing.

Small business owners were still spending hours trying to make their emails look the part, and even then, the result was not something that excited them. Today, customers expect a cohesive brand experience from website to social and especially email, and yet, no platform made it easy for small business owners to leverage this highest converting channel. That’s why Flodesk was born. So friend, let’s jump right into my conversation with Martha and Rebecca.

Here are some of the questions I ask Martha and Rebecca in this episode:

– How did you come up with the idea of Flodesk?
– Did you have a background in building software?
– Where do you get the design inspiration behind the beautiful templates of Flodesk?
– What was the launch process of Flodesk like?
– What features does Flodesk offer for email marketing that is unlike any other platform?
– As the founders, what excites you most about Flodesk?
– Why should business owners care about email marketing?
– How does Flodesk stay GDPR compliant?

I really enjoyed my conversation with Martha and Rebecca and learned so much from these powerhouse ladies. It was so inspiring to hear their story of launching such a large project in the creative industry, and how anything is possible in this age with strategy and focus.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Save 50% on Flodesk HERE (or use the coupon “TIFFANY” when you sign up!) (templates and design for professional photographers )
– Join the Rising Tide and Honeybook #UpMyEmailGame Challenge 

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