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Make the Most of Your Branding Photoshoot | Episode 19

Make the Most of Your Branding Photography on Finding Your Focus Podcast with Tiffany Farley

As a brand, you want to visually share who you are- and that not only means what you do, what you sell, and what you offer- but you need to visually share YOU. If you want to have great images that are unique to YOUR brand to share then you have to plan ahead and have those pictures actually taken. It’s going to take time and planning on your part, and when you work with a professional who creates the quality of images you’re drawn to, then it’s also going to be a financial investment. But without images, you don’t have branded social media content.

In this episode, I will share
– Why traditional headshots are no longer enough
– What brand photography is and why you need it
– The importance of brand photography in your online marketing
– How to choose the right brand photographer
– Tips on how to plan and prepare for your branding photoshoot

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