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Conquering Comparison as a Creative with Alex of Daphne Mae Photography | Episode 4

How to Conquer Comparison as a Creative, an Interview with Daphne Mae Photography on the Finding Your Focus Podcast with Tiffany Farley

In this episode of the Finding Your Focus Podcast, I welcome Alex of Daphne Mae Photography. Alex is a family film photographer located in California. She has three small children, she homeschools, and she is passionate about finding the magic in the everyday mundane as a mother.

In this episode we have an honest conversation about comparison as a creative- and how to conquer it! In a social media driven world where the work and accomplishments of others are constantly highlighted before us, it has never been more important to define your own success and really know what matters to you. If you know what YOUR success is as a creative, as a business owner, or even as a Mom- then you are less likely to be caught in the trap of never good enough or doing enough. It’s such a great conversation- I hope you enjoy it!

Some questions I ask Alex:

– How did you get to a place of creating consistent, recognizable work? 

– Have you ever experienced comparison within the little 9 image grid of Instagram and if so, how did you effectively deal with it?

– What are some proactive steps you take to keep yourself from feeling comparison in the first place?

– What is something you have decided to say yes to this year?

– What tips can you share about balancing your business and being a mom?

Links we mentioned in this episode:
Daphne Mae Photography
Follow Alex on Instagram @lovedaphnemae
The Fount Collective 

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