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6 Things I Would Go Back And Tell Myself | Episode 21

Finding Your Focus Podcast With Tiffany Farley

Today I thought I would take some time to share with you what I have come to recognize as some of the top things that I believe have contributed to the success and growth of my photography business. I don’t have a perfect business- in fact- I have quite a long list of things to improve and get ready for the new year- and maybe that will be another episode here shortly.

But today these are things that if I could go back and have a little pep talk with myself at the kitchen table- with the girl who was dreaming up her business ideas late at night and knew next to nothing about everything she was about to jump into- these are the kind of things I would tell her.

These are my absolute top tips looking back on what worked really well for me and the things I am so glad I attended, pursued, spent time on, or DID- that I truly believe brought success to my photography business.

These are the things that- if I could go back to that girl dreaming late at night with this WILD idea of working for herself someday- these are the things I would encourage her to do…because they worked.

These are the things I would remind her because they played a crucial role in bringing me from a live-in nanny with a camera who took pictures of all her friend’s kids on the weekend-to flying all over the world to photograph new and expecting mothers. Who went from having moms I knew church ask me about family photos to getting inquiries from HONG KONG and TOKYO- to the girl who will be in 5 different states in just this coming January alone.

Whether you’re a photographer or not, I believe that this content and the things I am going to share with you today will really help you as you work to take your business to the next level- because I know that’s what you’re looking to do and WHY you are taking the time to tune into this LONG overdue podcast episode!!

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